September Strategic Business Solution Panel

Our very own Elizabeth Knight was invited to share her social media savviness during Expat Connector’s upcoming September Strategic Business Solution Panel. She’ll be joined by a few other professionals to discuss all things websites, social media, and content. Fun! This is a free, virtual networking event. We’d love if you’d join us and hangContinue reading “September Strategic Business Solution Panel”

3 Strategies to Best Engage Customers on Social

A while back we wrote a blog for our friends over at Expat Connector and never got around to sharing it with you here. The words we shared are still extremely relevant and can give you some good insight into how you can better engage your customers on social media. Give it a read andContinue reading “3 Strategies to Best Engage Customers on Social”

Small Business Social Media Messaging During the Coronavirus Pandemic

As a small business owner myself, I understand how stressful the coronavirus outbreak has been for entrepreneurs like you. Temporary closures, fearful consumers, mandated quarantines, and a stressed workforce have made this an unprecedented time. It feels like everything is shutting down or moving online, and the future is very uncertain for all of us.Continue reading “Small Business Social Media Messaging During the Coronavirus Pandemic”