We had a baby!

So, it’s been a little (understatement) crazy over here at the world headquarters of Aplomb PR.

Earlier in the year, we had a baby.

And not the type of baby that people sometimes refer to when they are in the deep end of a really, really big project so it becomes like a baby to them.

We had a human baby.

Our first human. (As you all know, our first baby is the worlds most handsome dog (learn more about our CNO here.) For anyone that has experience with birthing and raising a newborn, you know how it turns your world upside down and twirls it around on spin cycle for a few months (also have heard this continues for 18+ years but we are only speaking from our experience thus far). Time now disappears at warp speed as we do our best to keep this adorably cute, yet crazy demanding, tiny being happy and alive.

The littlest Aplomb PR team member

So if you’ve been wondering why we’ve been a little quiet on social media, and here on our website, you now have a solid explanation. We’ve been pouring ourselves into this little guy while at the same time, working with our super amazing clients to ensure their marketing, social media, and public relations continues to rock without a hitch. (Some notable projects from the last few months include continuing to direct the Wausome campaign for the City of Wausau, including the release of a wausome video series, the launch of a new eCommerce website and all of the social media and email marketing strategy that comes with that, and promotion of some great resources that are fighting to protect children from the dangers of hypersexualized dance choreography, costumes and music.)

We feel blessed to call this little guy ours and we look forward to including him as part of the Aplomb PR story. Much, much more to come.

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